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"Only steps away, it's so clear, I've seen it only in my mind…" And then in 2005, Tima opened the door of her dreams and stepped into a whole new adventure as her first full-length CD, "Until Now" was released.

"Until Now" marked a promising start to Tima's music career. For a small indie release, the CD gained a lot of attention generating national and international radio exposure, rave critical reviews, and was named as one of the Top 12 Independent Releases in 2005 by Independent Songwriter Magazine.

With this, Tima began mapping a tour in support of her new CD. Then her first road bump – being a new artist on a small label with not much in the way of tour support, Tima was not able to tour with her much loved band that she had been playing and rehearsing with for more than a year. Disappointed, but with her drive and determination in tow, Tima pushed on and quickly adapted to a scaled down version of her performance and began embarking on a cross-country promotional tour.

It was during this time, Tima spent many hours reflecting on her life. With each mile forward, she began to write her thoughts and emotions, and eventually turning them into songs. What emerged is her 2nd full-length CD, “In This Trance”, a collection of songs with poignant elegant sophistication and beautifully organic arrangements. In every song, Tima delivers her thoughtful lyrics and unique vocal styling in a way only she can. The first single "Forgive Me" is also Tima's first music video.

Tima often says she has released 2 1/2 CDs, that’s because while working on “In This Trance”, she also recorded a 5 song EP of traditional Christmas Carols with modern arrangments by her long time producer, Rick McComas. The song “It Came Upon The Midnight Clear” was first introduced in 2007 as a single, receiving rave reviews from fans and radio around the world. The follow year, Tima and Rick worked on 4 additional carols, completing the EP entitled “Midnight Clear”.

This is just the beginning for Tima. She continues to write, perform, and is putting together a brand new show that promises to be unique and exciting. In the meantime, she travels around the country playing her music in intimate show settings and showcasing new songs.

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